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Miss Universe Video Blog - 1
Check out Stefania's thoughts on life in New York and missing the plane in Puerto Rico.

Miss USA Video Blog - 5
Kristen talks about her experience with Stormi and Stefania at Trapeze school and gives some more helpful advice for the 2010 Miss USA Pageant in ...

Miss Universe - Video Blog 14
Stefania's emotional last video blog before she reluctantly passes down her crown on August 23rd.

Miss USA - Video Blog 4
Rima talks about filming a movie and crowning the new Miss Michigan!

Miss Universe - Video Blog 12
Miss Universe talks about her trip to Rwanda, hiking with gorillas, and losing her luggage.

Miss USA - Video Blog 3
Rima talks about her travels and the upcoming pageant.

Miss Universe Video Blog 6
Stefania discusses her recent travels.

College or Music ? Miss Nana New Blog
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Miss Universe - Video Blog 1
See what Ximena has to say about her first week as Miss Universe 2010.

Miss USA Video Blog - 3
Hear what Kristen has to say about the Viennese Opera Ball, co-hosting a Chinese TV special, and changing her hair color.

Miss USA 2010 - Video Blog 2
Rima talks about her recent trip to Rwanda and has a message for LeBron James.

Miss Universe Video Blog - 2
Sterfania talks about her work with Project Sunshine, shooting with Fadil and dinner with Stormi and Kristen.

Miss USA 2010 - Video Blog 8
Rima talks about her New Year's Eve.

Miss Teen USA Video Blog - 3
Check out Stormi's thoughts on traveling home, her New York Film Academy monologue presentation, and volunteering with Project Sunshine.

Miss USA Video Blog - 4
Check out Kristen's thoughts on the New York weather, The Road to Vegas, and her hair color choice.

Miss Universe Video Blog - 7
Hear what Stefania has to say about her recent international trips.

Miss Universe 2010 - Video Blog 4
Ximena talks about going ice skating, her first hockey game, and participating in her first American Thanksgiving.

Miss Universe - Mandalay Bay Blog 1
Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA talk about the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Teen USA Video Blog 5
Stormi talks about her circus talents and her new Miss Teen 2009 Pageant DVD. DVD available now at the official Miss Teen USA store. www ...

Miss Universe Video Blog 5
Stefania talks about her recent trip to judge the Miss Russia Pageant as well as her upcoming trips to Panama and The Czech Republic.

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